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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most popular questions we have received through the past 8 years.

You mentioned you are a “studio floral designer”… what does that mean?

A. So glad you asked! It means that we are not a retail flower shop and that we specialize in weddings and events. Our shop is open by appointment or when we are working on these amazing events. Our studio is made up of consult space and production space only, no gifts, greeting cards, balloons, or others items you might see at a flower shop. What this means to you is that we are 100% focused on each client and event we take, as we don’t have the distraction of running a retail shop, daily deliveries, sympathy arrangements etc. This studio concept has allowed us to minimize overhead expenses, maximize our family time, and provide exceptional value for those that book us.

How do we schedule a consultation?

A: After you’ve submitted a CONTACT FORM, we’ll reply within 24 hours with our availability. If we are available, you’ll receive a fun, 1o minute questionnaire which will be followed by a link for you to schedule your complimentary phone call or Zoom consultation. After our consultation we’ll prepare the proposal and review it with you

How much is your retainer and what is your payment schedule?

A: Our retainer is 50% of the initial contract, you will schedule payments and your balance is due (30) days before your wedding/event date. If you are booking less than 2 months out from your event, please plan to pay in full.

How will I know that you understand my vision?

A: Our proposals are filled with inspiration images of what we will create for you. Those images are carefully selected to ensure that we understand what you would like and that we’re both on the same page.

What if my proposal doesn’t reflect my vision accurately?

A: During our phone consultation we ask you several questions to ensure we understand your vision. Should the proposal not reflect your vision accurately, after your secure our floral services we will gladly schedule additional complimentary in person consultation to ensure we understand your needs and make all the changes we need.

What happens if my event is postponed? 

We hope this is not the case for you. However, in the event your event needs to be postponed due to reasons out of your control (defined in our force majeure contract clause), we offer our booked clients the ability to provide us with a new wedding date up to 8 months from their original wedding date at 25% re-booking fee.

What is the difference between a proposal and a wedding design concept?

A: Our proposals are custom made for each couple’s needs and is reviewed with each client before booking. Our wedding design concept is offered to any couple needing guidance with bringing all their ideas together to create a cohesive design are welcomed to purchase our wedding design concept option in our shop.

What will I get with a custom wedding design concept?

This concept will be a great guide to executing the wedding of your dreams. You’ll receive a curated wedding design complete with suggested table linens, flatware, place settings and much more. Once purchased, we schedule a phone consultation to understand your wedding vision after which we’ll work on your custom concept and send it via email. The purchase includes up to three edits in case we missed the mark. Once you have approved the final concept you are welcomed to share it with any wedding vendors you’d like so they can provide you with quotes. Couples booking our services receive 50% from the cost of their concept applied to the total of their chosen wedding package. You can purchase this option online.

What is included in your pricing?

As a full event design studio we offer a variety of services. For a full list of all the items included in our services along with base pricing, please click here.

Where do you source your flowers? 

We love designing with local flowers when ever possible. Due to seasonality and availability our flowers are sourced from other states within the U.S.A. as well as countries such as Holland, Ecuador and Japan.

Is greenery cheaper?

Not necessarily. Greenery still has to be processed and handled like regular flowers, so we spend the same amount of time that is accounted for. We still have a specific design aesthetic we like to stay within so when working with just greenery, we’ll select more interesting elements that may require more product. And when you are needing just greenery, you still need a high quantity of it.

Are you a foam-free design studio?

 It is an honor for us to design without using foam due to the harm flower foam causes the environment. The majority of our designs are foam-free and we are continually working to educate ourselves on the mechanics needed to become a 100% foam-free studio.

Will you be the person designing all the flowers for my wedding?

I personally design all bridal bouquets while my team assists me with designing centerpieces and other elements for your wedding. Together we’ll all have a hand in creating a spectacular event for you.

Do you handle more than one event on the same day?

Our team is capable of handling more than one event on the same day, however, it is our preference to only handle one event per weekend. On occasions we have made exceptions and handled two events in one weekend but that is VERY rare and only considered with extenuating circumstances

How many weddings do you handle per year?

In the past we have handled 25 – 30 weddings per year. However, starting in 2022 we will only book 10 – 15 weddings per year. This is a drastic drop, but it will allow us the ability to provide the high-end experience we want each of our couples to have. It will also allow us to honor the significance of such a momentous occasion with the impeccable attention to detail each wedding deserves.

Do I get to keep the flowers after my event?

Yes! We do Full Floral Offerings, You are more than welcome to keep the floral but cannot keep any of the hardgoods. We will come back for teardown to gather the vases, candles, pedestals, branches, silk floral branches, arch rentals etc.

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