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Crafting Your Vision with Precision

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Transforming Your Vision into Reality

Our Process Unveiled

At Vella Nest Florals, we’re dedicated to transforming your special day into an unforgettable event. Our process begins with a detailed consultation, where we listen to your vision and preferences. Drawing inspiration from your story, we meticulously curate a design plan that captures the essence of your event.

pink, white and green wedding flowers and invitations

Phase One | Research

We start the event planning process by getting to know you and digging deep to truly understand your goals, objectives and priorities for your milestone event day. In this phase, we’ll establish your guest list and identify your budget from all of the stakeholders involved.

After an in-depth interview, we’ll move to venue searching and location discovery, in order to find the space that best fits your event vision, scale & scope. 

Knowing your story enables us to help you tell your story. We take the time to understand your vision, your style and your priorities. Taking all of that into consideration, we’ll guide you to make the best use of your budget


During this pivotal phase, we focus on assembling a team of key event partners, including experts in catering and beverages, photographers, videographers, entertainers, and travel and accommodations. Our goal is to collaborate with individuals who not only possess the necessary expertise but also share our passion for creating unforgettable experiences.

In addition to selecting our partners, we prioritize crafting an initial timeline for your event, ensuring that every moment is thoughtfully planned to enhance your guests’ experience. Our commitment to meticulous planning and attention to detail ensures that your event runs seamlessly, leaving you free to enjoy every moment.

pink and green boutonniere
hot pink floral centerpiece with roses, anemones, and ranunculous

Phase three | design

Telling your story through the design details is what makes your wedding your own. Our goal is for your event to be a true representation of who you are. By pushing boundaries to curate original concepts we are able to create a cohesive design plan that showcases your story through all aspects of the day.

From invitations, table linens, flatware & china, to bespoke floral installations, custom lighting and specialty furniture, our team will pull together the perfect creative team and oversee the entire process after we get your stamp of approval. 


In this phase our team is in full-out production mode, triple checking orders, contracts & timelines. We’re over-communicating with our team of partners ensuring that a seamless load in, set up and tear down plan is set.

On the event day, we know it takes a village to produce and execute seamless events, and make sure that our team of coordinators is in place to oversee every aspect of the day. We’ll be there to manage the execution from start to finish, allowing you & your family to feel like guests at your wedding; and enjoy and experience all of the special moments and beautiful little details.

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